Date: 27th October – 8th November

Professor Liu Shu Yong, known as Lao Shu in China, is not only a famous and Well-admired photographer and painter, he is also a prolific Writer and an influential scholar.

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Date: 6th October – 13th October

Invisible, innate, and formless, violence is manifested in various manners regardless of time, place, relationships, and circumstances.

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Date: 04  August 2017 – 26  August 2017

Collective Reality refers to a cluster of socially accepted notions which make up our experience of the world and allow us to process what would otherwise be senseless.

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Date: 2 June – 26 June 2017

541 Art Space presents the work of award winning artist Elefteria Vlavianos in their upcoming show, Re-Articulation. Elefteria was born in Zimbabwe of mixed Armenian and Greek heritage, her works draw on her multicultural heritage to investigate connection to place, culture and identity.

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Date: 5 May – 27 May 2017

541 Art Space presents our latest collaborative show, Love Letter 2017, Be With You. Inspired by her hardworking cohort, curator Yves Lee founded the exhibition series in 2014, and has held previous shows at the 541 Art Space Gallery.

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Vigorous Growth of Art
In the South-West of China

Date: 20 April – 29 April 2017, Monday through Saturday.

541 Art Space presents our latest international exhibition, Vigorous Growth of Art in the South-west of China. This unique show promotes cultural and academic dialogue between Australia and China.

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Chinese Contemporary Ink
Masterpieces of Qishe Ya-ji

Date: 31st of March – 12th of April, Monday through Saturday.

541 Art Space presents our latest collaborative exhibit, Chinese Contemporary Ink | Masterpieces of Qishe Ya-ji. This unique exhibition aims to promote artistic and cultural dialogue between Australia and China.

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Date: 24th February – 20th March, Monday through Saturday.

541 Art Space presents our latest collaborative exhibit, ‘Rhythm’ curated by Sophy Feng. This unique exhibition explores the boundaries of art, translating sound and lanscape into abstract compositions. Rhythm is an opportunity for art lovers to explore a series of spherical metaphoric landscapes, and witness music transformed into tangible ceramic bodies.

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Icons of Identity

Date: 20th of January – 18th of February, Monday through Saturday.

One of Sydney’s most unique contemporary artist, Fan Dongwang, has come together with 541 Art Space to present their latest exhibition Icons of Identity, a bold body of paintings and drawings that explores Australia’s diverse cultural identity through the juxtaposition and the reshaping of traditional Chinese traditional imagery against western cultural icons.

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The Way

Date: 8th – 29th October 2016

541 Art Space presents our latest collaborative exhibit, The Way. This unique exhibition speaks of our continuous journey from the past to the future, with artwork presenting brief glimpses of the present and what it means to know our present self.

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Love Letter

Date: 3rd September – 25th September

Love Letter was founded in 2014, shown its first group of artists in 2015 at the Articulate Project Space. This year, ‘Love Letter: I Believe in Second Chances’ will feature 13 new fresh artists from Sydney, Chicago and Berlin at 541 Art Space.

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Re: Coloured

Date: 12th – 28th August 2016

A group show featuring a range of artists working with colour in excitingly diverse styles and cross mediums. Together addressing the countless possibilities of pigment and the emotive narratives that grow from colour.

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Date: 1st June 2016

Ganbold Lundaa and Daniel O’toole upcoming group exhibition ‘re-portrait’ opens 1st June at 541 Art Space in the city…

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Zao Hua

Date: 12th April – 25th April 2016

The title “ZaoHua” that is given to this exhibition of Chinese contemporary art is derived from a traditional creative theory in Chinese painting which is described by the Tang dynasty painter “Zhang Zao” as “the inspiration for art comes from zaohua (nature)…

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