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Exhibition Opening | Inhabitation of Violence

Invisible, innate, and formless, violence is manifested in various manners regardless of time, place, relationships, and circumstances. Sometimes it is accompanied with reasons – justifications which are fit and adjusted by the perpetrators, or by those perceiving through logic, politics, psychology, philosophy, et cetera. Other times, it is formed without a name or explanation, nevertheless leaving the same impact and traces to those at its disposal.

Threading from different parts of the world, Inhabitation of Violence is a crossing point for artists Stella Chen, Katya Petetskaya, and Melanie Coutts. Through unique perspectives and practices, each work shines light to the multilayered act and impact of violence – confronting its many forms and relations to both human and non-human entities, the subconscious, and the forces within ourselves.

Opening: Friday, October 6th 6pm-8pm
Show Run: 6th-13th October, Gallery Open 11am-5pm

541 Art Space, Level 1, 541 Kent St, Sydney



541 Art Space, Kent Street, Sydney

22nd September to 3rd October 2017

541 Art Space, in association with VIZVIZ (Sydney) Creative Cultural is proud to present Seeking Light, an exclusive exhibition of a diverse range of photographic and video graphic practices by renowned Chinese artists for the first time in Australia. It will be a feast to the senses, brought together a team that designed light installations for VIVID Sydney 2016 & 2017. With over 9 artists and nearly 70 works shown, various contemporary forms of media such as landscape photography, adventure documentary, creative manipulation photography and performance photography will bring you through Egypt, Syria and Alaska. Exhibiting artists include Yan Zhang, Fei Shi, Zhong Wang, Aolin Li, Zeren Chen, Xiaohui Lin, Mozi Zhang, Yu Zheng and Chong Han. The exhibitors will also be hosting talks and workshops for photography enthusiasts and fans. Attendees have an exclusive opportunity to meet the masterminds of the exhibition, and are able to query their thought process, technique, and understand the stories behind each piece.


22 Sep – 3 Oct
Exhibition (11am-5pm)

29 Sep
DJI Aerial Photography Workshop (5-7pm)

30 Sep
Huawei Smartphone Photo Shooting & Editing Workshop (11am-1pm)
Meet the photographers (2-4pm)

1 Oct
DJI Aerial Photography Workshop 11am-1pm)
Huawei Smartphone Photo Shooting & Editing Workshop (2-4pm)

541 Art Space, Level 1, 541 Kent St, Sydney