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China: Moments in Time
An epic photographic journey across China showcasing its diverse people and culture.

China: Moments in Time is a journey in images across more than 20 Chinese cities.

Featuring 40 very large scale prints and multi-media installations by photojournalist Marcus Reubenstein.

It is a very personal interpretation of a people and culture whose history spans more than 5,000 years. From the ancient through to the cutting edge of modernity upon which much of the world’s most populous nation today thrives.

The collection is a series of mainly candid shots of ordinary people, mostly either young or old.

The artist’s hope is to capture their humanity and create a body of work that shows the life of a people whose image outside their borders is often overrun by the sheer scale of modern day China.

A truly unique insight into China and a must see festival event.

Exhibition duration : 31/01/2019 – 10/02/2019

Mon-Friday: 11:00AM – 5:00PM

Sat: 11:00AM – 3:30PM

An associate event of City of Sydney Lunar Festival 2019

Christmas with 541 Art Space! + Exhibition CALLOUT

Christmas gift ideas
It’s that time of year again! Christmas is right around the corner, and we have the perfect solution to your gift giving woes. We have some very beautiful and affordable artworks available so you can spoil your friends and loved ones without breaking the bank!
Email us to inquire about prices!
Exhibition Call Out 2019
541 Art Space is on the look out for exciting exhibitions and programs to showcase in 2019. Whether its an ambitious exhibition or just an idea, we would love to hear from you! We accept proposals all year round, but preference will be given to those that get in first.
Holiday break notice
We at 541 Art Space would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday! We will be closed on Thursday 20th of December 2018 and will resume our usual opening hours on Monday 7th of January 2019. Our next exhibition will open on Friday 31st of January 2019. See you next year with more new and exciting exhibitions and programs!
Best Wishes,
541 Art Space


UNSEEN features 15 emerging artists working across multidisciplinary practices and art forms. This exhibition showcases each artist’s current approach to art making with an underlying theme connecting each work. UNSEEN provides a “looking glass” into different worlds inspired by the imagination, nature and societal issues, exploring a variety of subject matter that are often hidden from everyday human consciousness in one way or another. Here, artists play the role of the investigator, observer and creator of things that are overlooked within society, re-presenting them in such a way that they cannot be “unseen”, thereby enriching and broadening the range of the audience’s knowledge, perception, and understanding of the world we live in today.

Artists Exhibiting:

Dora Kiss Farkas
Pamela Leung
Deanne Koopelian
Nadeena Dixon
Alan Heung
Daniel Tame
Julian Wolkenstein
Stephen Lambeth
Christina Cai
Timba Bridge
Cibi Nedunchelian
Christophe Domergue
Caroline Kronenberg
Kit Wing Fu
Michelle Chanique

Show Run: 3 November – 17 November 2018
Opening: Friday 2 November. 6-8pm

Workshop: Saturday 17 November 12-3pm

The workshop DRAWING WITHIN is an opportunity for anyone interested in developing an intuitive approach to drawing and painting. Deanne Koopelian has a background in teaching and art therapy, and is both curator and artist of the exhibition UNSEEN. Deanne will guide you through a practical approach she has explored for many years. The concept is based on a kind of automatic drawing where abstract or free flowing realistic pieces can be created by the participant with subject matter and forms completely unique to their own subconscious mind.
Please bring your own pencil and or ink/biro pen. All other materials such as brushes, water colour and paper will be provided.
Cost $30 + bf
Bookings Essential.

For more information, please email [email protected] or visit https://www.facebook.com/events/338472306908875/

*Image: Courtesy of Julian Wolkenstein.

Between Arts

541 Art Space will collaborate with the NSW Art Clubto host a group exhibition titled ‘Between Arts’ from 16th October – 19th October 2018. The exhibition is sponsored by Australia HeworthHoldings Group Pty Ltd. This exhibition has invited 35 Chinese and Australian artists including Yanyin Chen, Jian Chen, Ethene Benn, Ping Chen, Jim Chen, Claire Cavanna, Wei Guan, Weijin Gao, Simon Hua, James Gao, Dapeng Liu, Hong Li, Sam Lai, Natasha Junmanee, PallaJeroff, , Jiawei Shen, Jun Shen, Hong Si, Lan Wang, Fangmin Wu, Leon Yan, Yi Wang, John Zhang, Kaijiang Zhu and more. The aim of this exhibition is to provide a platform for professional and established artists to support one another. Also to explore the various forms and contents between the artworks.

Opening Night:

16th October 2018, 6:00-8:00pm, Tuesday

Show Run:

16th-19th October 2018

Sensitivity – Copia/Repeat – A space for remembrance

Gallery 1 is where artist Sepideh Farzam combines personal memories and what it means to be female, Farzam’s work examines issues that implicate society, culture, identity and gender. The exhibition Sensitivity holds works made of fragments of Farzam’s own discarded clothing and shoes combined with different kinds of fabric as well as collected materials. Farzam emphases on specific feeling of human ties and its uniqueness in an abstract way. She believes the interpretation of images from the past, from experiences that cannot be repeated are powerful, thought provoking and, in some instances, healing.

In Gallery 2, Julia Kennedy-Bell explores the influence of form and shadow and its effects on colour through her paper installations. The exhibition, titled Copia/Repeat, follows a series of residencies in Europe which has resulted in extensive developments on her artistic process. Shapes are overlapped and enlarged to create entirely new compositions and spatial configurations. The result gave way to the development of the current series of works, which investigate the deconstructed nature of photographic imagery in a nuanced way.

Gallery 3 hosts A Space for Remembrance, the first solo exhibition by installation artist Linda Sok. Sok engages with the materiality of joss paper, a paper traditionally burnt as an offering to ancestors. The artwork speaks to the storage of human remains of the victims of the Khmer Rouge Regime in stupas around Cambodia. The installation is created as a formal space to commemorate the loss of life during the Khmer Rouge period, and the bones that were never allowed to pass on to the afterlife.

Opening night:
Friday 5 October, 6-8pm

Show Run:
Tuesday 2 – 13 October

Saturday 13 October, 12-3pm
By Linda Sok
Please click BOOK NOW to get your tickets. Or email [email protected] for more information

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 11-5pm

Saturday 11-3.30pm


541 Art Space News | Where are they now

 Where are they now?

Previous 541 Art Space artist Liu Shuyong will be showing at the Art Gallery of New South Wales as part of exhibition Glorious from 25 August – 6 January 2019. Back in October 2017, Liu Shuyong, better known for his pen name Lao Shu had a seminal show with us that offered a new perspective on life to ease the stresses of modern living.

Congratulations to Fan Dongwang and Katya Petetskaya for being chosen as finalists for the Paddington Art Prize 2018.

Fan Dongwang had a solo exhibition with us titled Icons of Identity in February 2017. Katya showed in an exhibition Inhabitation of Violence in October of last year.

The Paddington Art Prize is on from Saturday 15th September until Saturday 22nd September.

We look forward to seeing what other achievements our artists will have over the coming years.

Stories we tell ourselves  | Rhonda Pryor

Stories we tell ourselves by Rhonda Pryor makes use of reclaimed cloth and Belgian linen. Pryor geometrically abstracts hidden narratives, with references being made to people, situations and relationships in a study reflecting both living and deceased individuals, past and present situations, and personal and collective experience. The stitching together of old and new cloth is strongly suggestive of reconnection and mending.

Colour is explored relative to the presence and absence of individuals. The considered use of hand painted timber frames emphasises key elements in the compositions and narratives. Pryor’s usage of material tells a visual story through symbolic and abstract means that conveys a universal desire to connect.

The public is welcome to the opening night held on Friday the 31st of August from 6-8PM, at 1/541 Kent Street, Sydney. Complimentary food and drinks will be available. The show will run until Saturday the 22nd of September.

Rhonda will be running a workshop alongside her exhibition.
Saturday 8 September12-3pm (includes afternoon tea)
Saturday 22 September12-3pm (with exhibition closing drinks)


Come along on Friday 31 August6-8pm to Rhonda’s opening night, where we will be offering a “bring a friend along for free” deal on purchases made on the night.

We hope you will join us in exploring Sydney’s thriving art spaces and follow 541 Art Space to keep updated on our exciting exhibition programs!

Opening: Friday 31 August, 6pm – 8pm
Show Run: 31 August – 22 September 2018
Entry: Free