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Friday 10 November 2017, 6PM – 8PM


10.11.17 – 16.11.17

COUNTER-CONDUCT acts as an inquiry into transitory spaces, disparate materials, and precarious compositions of internal and external urban identities. It compiles multi-disciplinary works that traverse the urban network through collective repudiation and observation of urban environmental functions.

Presented by F123 – a recently established artists collective – COUNTER-CONDUCT operates both within and without the urban network.

Alana Cotton / Amaya Lang / Amy Bruce / Ben Adams / Isabella Chow / Kerryn Paasila / Lauren Wallace / Linda Sok / Lisa Dwyer / Maya Hendler / Mehmet Mevlütoğlu / Michaela Zoe / Nat Dabelstein Nicole Hauser / Nikolina Mircevski / Rumpa Paweenpongpat

This exhibition sponsored by Young Henrys

Opening: Friday 10 November, 6pm – 8pm
Entry: Free

541 Art Space, Level 1, 541 Kent St, Sydney


Exhibition Opening | Inhabitation of Violence

Invisible, innate, and formless, violence is manifested in various manners regardless of time, place, relationships, and circumstances. Sometimes it is accompanied with reasons – justifications which are fit and adjusted by the perpetrators, or by those perceiving through logic, politics, psychology, philosophy, et cetera. Other times, it is formed without a name or explanation, nevertheless leaving the same impact and traces to those at its disposal.

Threading from different parts of the world, Inhabitation of Violence is a crossing point for artists Stella Chen, Katya Petetskaya, and Melanie Coutts. Through unique perspectives and practices, each work shines light to the multilayered act and impact of violence – confronting its many forms and relations to both human and non-human entities, the subconscious, and the forces within ourselves.

Opening: Friday, October 6th 6pm-8pm
Show Run: 6th-13th October, Gallery Open 11am-5pm

541 Art Space, Level 1, 541 Kent St, Sydney