Artists Run Workshops


Class sessions:

Saturday 17 November 12-3pm (with exhibition closing drinks)

Deanne Koopelain will be hosting a workshop called DRAWING WITHIN. The workshop is an opportunity for anyone interested in developing an intuitive approach to drawing and painting.

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Paper making workshop with Linda Sok

Class sessions:

Saturday 13 October, 12-3pm (with exhibition closing drinks)

Sensitivity – Copia/Repeat – A space for remembrance

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Stories we tell ourselves

Class sessions:

Saturday 8 September, 12-3pm (includes afternoon tea)
Saturday 22 September, 12-3pm (with exhibition closing drinks)

Rhonda will be running a workshop alongside her exhibition.

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Creative Workshops

Happy Day Collage Workshop

23rd March 2019 2-4PM

We are going to use the materials we
have here to today to represent that time in your life, through a visual collage
creation. You could choose to represent this memory as a shape, it could be a
colour, it could be a particular image, it could be a symbol, it could just be a
texture. It can be whatever you would like to represent it as. The focus today will
be trying to distill this memory into something tangible and visual that you can
take home at the end of the session.

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Floristry Workshop

Coming soon…

Everything about a flower embodies the unique way we experience sensations of joy and love.

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Chinese ink painting workshop

Coming soon…
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