Exhibition Overview

In this exhibition of Lin Chen and Bing Bing Chen, this contradiction is once again inspiring contemporary artists.

While the two artists approach the subject from different perspectives, each confront this contemporary paradox.

Painting from her home in Tasmania, Lin Chen is inspired by romanticism, expressionism and impressionism. Capturing the gestural effect of movement and the imprecise nature of landscapes, she watches people walking in a world that they are simultaneously entrenched in and separated from. Her bright colours of optimism are offset by dark brooding shadows.

Bing Bing Chen uses discarded books as the source of her artwork: thrown away materials that capture the infinity of words. The spiral of her artworks draws us in, creating a sense of both order and chaos, hope and despair, connection and disconnection.

The cognitive revolution, gave us the ability to look at ourselves from the perspective of others –allowing us to drive our own purpose and critique who we are. But like any powerful tool, it is a double-edged sword that empowers and unnerves us. It is a blessing and a curse, a never-ending challenge that we often feel ill-equipped for. It is one of the challenges that artists have always been drawn to – and it is from this tradition that both Jin Chen and Bing Bing Chen come from.

Opening by Professor James Arvanitakis

Exhibition Details

Schedule Details

Opening: Friday 25 May, 6-8PM

Exhibition: 25 – 30 May 2018


Free to enter

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Venue: 541 Art Space

Address: Level 1, 541 Kent Street, Sydney