Sensitivity – Copia/Repeat – A space for remembrance

Exhibition Overview

Gallery 1 is where artist Sepideh Farzam combines personal memories and what it means to be female, Farzam’s work examines issues that implicate society, culture, identity and gender. The exhibition Sensitivity holds works made of fragments of Farzam’s own discarded clothing and shoes combined with different kinds of fabric as well as collected materials. Farzam emphases on specific feeling of human ties and its uniqueness in an abstract way. She believes the interpretation of images from the past, from experiences that cannot be repeated are powerful, thought provoking and, in some instances, healing.

In Gallery 2, Julia Kennedy-Bell explores the influence of form and shadow and its effects on colour through her paper installations. The exhibition, titled Copia/Repeat, follows a series of residencies in Europe which has resulted in extensive developments on her artistic process. Shapes are overlapped and enlarged to create entirely new compositions and spatial configurations. The result gave way to the development of the current series of works, which investigate the deconstructed nature of photographic imagery in a nuanced way.

Gallery 3 hosts A Space for Remembrance, the first solo exhibition by installation artist Linda Sok. Sok engages with the materiality of joss paper, a paper traditionally burnt as an offering to ancestors. The artwork speaks to the storage of human remains of the victims of the Khmer Rouge Regime in stupas around Cambodia. The installation is created as a formal space to commemorate the loss of life during the Khmer Rouge period, and the bones that were never allowed to pass on to the afterlife.

Exhibition Details

Schedule Details

Opening: Friday 5 October, 6-8pm

Exhibition: Tuesday 2 – 13 October

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 11-5pm

Saturday 11-3.30pm


Free to enter

Venue Details

Venue: 541 Art Space

Address: Level 1, 541 Kent Street, Sydney