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Exhibition Overview

Professor Liu Shu Yong, known as Lao Shu in China, is the head of the Department of Art Design, Faculty of Culture and Media, Central University of Finance & Economics, in Beijing. In China he is not only a famous and well-admired photographer and painter, he is also a prolific writer and an influential scholar. He has had significant influence on the fields of literature, art criticism, and documentary photography. He was the organiser of the first Chinese Photography Festival in China, the founder of the Lightbeam – a visual culture magazine, and is the initiator and driving force behind many high profile photographic events. He also works with printmaking and pottery and has achieved a lot. In addition, he has found the time to mount 12 major exhibitions of his own paintings.

In recent years, Lao Shu has published many of his ink paintings online, together with simple yet elegant and witty poems, These artworks have lowed by the fans and spread widely on the world’s largest social media platform – Wechat, reaching over 889 million users. As a result, Lao Shu now has millions of followers.

Lao Shu Sydney Art Exhibition is the first time that Lao Shu has held an individual exhibition overseas.

Where are they now?

541 Art Space artist Liu Shuyong will be showing at the Art Gallery of New South Wales as part of exhibition Glorious from 25 August – 6 January 2019. Back in October 2017, Liu Shuyong, better known for his pen name Lao Shu had a seminal show with us that offered a new perspective on life to ease the stresses of modern living.

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Exhibition Details

Schedule Details

Opening: 6:30pm, Friday, 27 October 2017

Exhibition: 27th October – 8th November, Monday through Friday.


Free to enter

Venue Details

Venue: 541 Art Space

Address: Level 1, 541 Kent Street, Sydney