Ganbold Lundaa and Daniel O’toole upcoming group exhibition ‘re-portrait’ opens 1st June at 541 Art Space in the city.

Curated by Sophy Feng

Ganbold Lundaa

Ganbold’s work is intertwined with cross-cultural connections, spirituality and communication.

promising a pop art infused meditation on the complex nexus between Gen Wi Fi’s high tech hipster sensibility and those more arcane cultural traditions which forged his own creative and socio political vision.

Talking about the philosophy that informs this upcoming exhibition, Gawaa explains:

“My intention is to arrest the viewer and compel them to confront the deeper meaning of life – to ignite curiosity, to question everything but only take from the answers that which has real meaning – to be ever more aware that to be buried in information without real insight or knowledge is ultimately a recipe for emotional emptiness”


Daniel O’ Toole

Daniel O’Toole also known as EARS, for his public murals and unique style of street art.

‘Using aesthetic values in a contemporary context, Daniel O’Toole draws from modernist painting strategies to address qualities of light and sound. Through a wilful assembly of physical elements he composites on canvas, film, and digital media, synthesised portraits, empathetic to the complexity of identity in a rapid and present age.’ (Written by Joe Wilson)

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