Last Farewell

Exhibition Overview

541 Art Space presents the work of artist Omar Viglino in the exhibition, Last Farewell.

For all of us, there will come a moment in which we must offer “The Last Farewell”. A moment in which we must acknowledge the existential emptiness that was once filled by a person dear to us. A person who has represented an important part of our lives, who has accompanied us in important moments, in the good and in the evil, and that now we are lacking.

These are both foreseen and unforeseeable moments as time passes and a once concrete existence succumbs to the “disappearance” of those who were previously were and are now no longer. Those who can be forgotten through the flood of generations. Those who we allow to enter the human myth that contains our sacred explanation of ‘why?’.

Exhibition Details

Schedule Details

Exhibition: 5th -16th November 2019

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 11-5pm

Saturday 11-3.30pm


Free to enter

Venue Details

Venue: 541 Art Space

Address: Level 1, 541 Kent Street, Sydney