Icons of Identity

Exhibition Overview

One of Sydney’s most unique contemporary artist, Fan Dongwang, has come together with 541 Art Space to present their latest exhibition Icons of Identity, a bold body of paintings and drawings that explores Australia’s diverse cultural identity through the juxtaposition and the reshaping of traditional Chinese traditional imagery against western cultural icons.

Icons of Identity is emblematic of the maturity of Australia’s successful model of integrative multiculturalism. It depicts our newfound sense of self-confidence by creating a syncretic national identity that blends Indigenous, European, American, and Asian cultural influences.

Guests are invited to make their way to opening night of the exhibition, starting at 6:00 on Friday the 3rd of February.

The evening will also feature an opening speech by Senior Curator of the Macquarie University Gallery, Rhonda Davis.

Through the comparative study of icon making to find a common language amongst different people and their nations, the exhibition will promote universal understanding, goodwill and friendship between Australians and people from other cultures. Thus, contributing to the international discourse of identity and nationhood, which is more crucial than ever during these turbulent times.

Artist Dongwang stated that he sees these quintessential icons as “not only beautiful, but also as powerful symbols of nationhood“.

It is through these symbols that the past continues to have a bearing on the present as well as the future” he continued.

Complimentary drinks will be available at the event, which will run until 8:00pm.

The exhibition will run from the 20th of January until February the 18th, and will be open Monday through Saturday for the entire month with artworks available for purchase.

As a community cultural organization situated in the heart of Sydney, 541 Art Space has had great success with its local and international arts program. At the same time, the Sydney City Council will present Dongwang’s Dragon installation at Circular quay at its City of Sydney Chinese New Year Celebration Program for 2017. Intended as the centrepiece of 541 Art Space’s Chinese New Year exhibition, Icons of Identity will be presented as an extension of the festival’s program and activities which may attract visitors to this show.

More information about 541 Art Space and Icons of Identity can be found at the 541 Art Space website and Facebook page.

Exhibition Details

Schedule Details

Opening: 6:00pm, 3rd of February

Closing: 8:00 pm

Exhibition: 20th of January – 18th of February, Monday through Saturday.



Free to enter


Venue Details

Venue: 541 Art Space

Address: Level 1, 541 Kent Street, Sydney