Head On 2019

Exhibition Overview


AddOn is a non-competitive, anonymous, photographic exhibition curated by Charles McKean and Festival Director Moshe Rosenzveig.

One of the core events of Head On Photo Festival, AddOn showcases a diverse and exciting range of square images, taken by more than 100 photographers spanning professionals, artists, enthusiasts, celebrities and politicians.

Shown without any titles or photographer credits, viewers interpret the images at face value and bring their own meanings to them.

After the exhibition, every participant will receive one print at random from the exhibition posted to them.

All funds received through the entry fees go towards staging the exhibition, and the vast range of free activities Head On Photo Festival mounts annually.

The Taken exhibition, produced by Belinda Mason, uses photography to create photographic, sculptural and 3D works that are ‘internal’ portraits of the project participants. The power of this project lies within the stories shared by the fifteen participants from across our nation. For them the project provides recognition that they are not isolated in their experiences.

Artist Bio:

Director of Blur Projects, Belinda Mason, has over 25 years of experience in both the arts and commercial photography sectors. She has conceptualised, produced and presented high-quality socio-cultural engaged art exhibitions, workshops and events for national and international audiences. Belinda has been invited to speak at professional conferences and events such as the United Nations Commission of the Status of Women in New York 2016 and 2018 at the United Nations Commission on the Rights of Persons with Disability in Geneva 2016 and World Conference on Indigenous Persons in New York in 2014, United Nations Human Council in Geneva 2013. In 2008 Belinda was the winner of the Moran, Kodak Salon and Human Rights Photography awards.

Untitled and Unfinished

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn.

You’ve heard it more times than you can count, but is there any truth in it?

Many photographers work in isolation and miss out on feedback in a relaxed and supportive environment. We started in 2010 as a mutual support group for personal photo-based projects in progress. We met monthly at a Sydney pub to talk photography and look at prints over a few drinks.

Developed together is only the second time we have been able to exhibit alongside each other. We all have our own unique artistic voice, but we would not have been able to develop this voice without each other.


Brent Winstone, Derby Chang, Dillon Mak, Franky Tsang, Gerrit Fokkema, Godelieve Mols, Lyndal Irons, Michaela Skovranova, Stephanie Simcox, Stephen Godfrey and Timothy Harland.

Exhibition Details

Schedule Details

Exhibition: 04 May 2019 to 19 May 2019

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 11-5pm

Saturday 11-3.30pm


Free to enter

Venue Details

Venue: 541 Art Space

Address: Level 1, 541 Kent Street, Sydney