Exhibition Overview

Collective Reality refers to a cluster of socially accepted notions which make up our experience of the world and allow us to process what would otherwise be senseless. Our sense of collective reality is formed through social interactions and thus eradicate an individual’s own purpose and subsequent choices of action. The experience of collective reality is becoming increasingly disparate with the rise of post-internet culture and post-truth expectations. The exhibition challenges the notion of an overarching social reality through focusing on each individual artist’s exploration and investigation into their own existence. Within our unified collective each artist has a vastly different identity manifested in each work. The core themes explored through out work are identity, society and mundanity, in the everyday, all of which link back to the experience of collective reality. The exhibition comprises of entirely new works yet to be exhibited in the public realm.

F123 is a recently established artist collective comprising of 16 emerging artists studying Sculpture, Performance and Installation at UNSW Art & Design. F123 is made up of the following members: Abby McAlpine, Alana Cotton, Amy Bruce, Ben Adams, Emily Wooden, Georgia Watkins, Jacob Errey, Joel Hedge, Katherine Bourne, Lauren Grabara, Linda Sok, Mehmet Mevlutoglu, Michelle Huang, Natalia Stojevski, Rosalie Brooker and Rumpa Paweenponpat.

Exhibition Details

Schedule Details

Opening: Friday, 4 August, 6pm – 8pm

Exhibition: 04/08/17 – 26/08/17



Free to enter

Venue Details

Venue: 541 Art Space

Address: Level 1, 541 Kent Street, Sydney