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The painting form based on ink brush, ink, solubilized pigment, rice paper or silk has a prevalent history over thousands of years old. The practice seeking new innovations and transformations with the passage of time, and bearing the spirit of the time with an open mind. Chinese Youth Ink Yearbook Prize was founded in 2014, aims at reflecting the overall status and growing trend of Chinese contemporary ink art.

“Chinese Youth Ink Yearbook Prize” was jointly initiated by Z ART and Nan Hai Culture & Media (Australia) Group Pty Ltd.. The prize will evaluate the “potential young artists” in the Yearbook, choosing 2-3 young ink artists as the prize winner. 2018 marks the second year of “Chinese Youth Ink Yearbook Prize”, with the winners Chen Jun, Li Jun and Lu Hui, who will study, communicate and execute the residency program in Sydney.

The prize winners this year have integrated contemporary elements in Chinese traditional ink painting, carrying on the innovation practices in a different dimension. In Chen Jun’s “modern landscape”, vivid color spots of urban fashion replaces the traditional Chinese art technique. The cold, silent and sense of the universe from the traditional landscape painting, together with noise, emptiness from the urban culture create distinct contrast and paradox, inciting revelrous feelings in the viewer. Comparatively, Li Jun created a series of dog images with bone-free technique, endowing each of them unique appearance and characteristic that produces an illusion of a human soul hiding behind the mask of the dog. Lu Hui revisits the eternal landscape with the contemporary eyes, exploring new angles and prospects. The entangled and disordered roots he paints creating a painterly pattern that presents a nearly abstract landscape.

The Chinese Youth Ink Yearbook team looks forward to the new possibilities and dialogue produced from this Sino-Australia art exchange.

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Opening: Friday 17 August, 6pm – 8pm

Exhibition: 17 – 22 August 2018


Free to enter

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Venue: 541 Art Space

Address: Level 1, 541 Kent Street, Sydney