Exhibition Overview

541 Art Space presents the work of painter Robert Ewing in the exhibition, Change.

The local bushland and farming areas of Pinjarra and the Darling Range of Western Australia remain the primary source of content referenced within Ewing’s work.

Intimate places within this environ are observed and studied to formulate multi-faceted landscape compositions. Ewing combines personal iconographies with contrasting pictorial elements, inviting us to explore a fractured, disrupted landscape shaped by implied and natural activity.

The artworks present an expansive interpretation of a landscape/garden setting, evoking an atmosphere of intrigue and provide a doorway to a tantalisingly familiar yet alien place. His highly stylised use of line, colour and light combine to create a place of contrasting visual elements, a place of dramatic undertones, where the real and imagined exist within a landscape of expectation and uncertainty.

The artworks are manifestations of an evocative place, inhabited and isolated, where the vision of the garden remains beautiful and serene, a place somewhere between our memory and imaginings.

Hazelhurst Arts Centre on 20th September announced Robert Ewing as the winner of the Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award 2019.

For more information, please visit: Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award 2019

Meanwhile, his artwork ‘ Pearl And Lionel Hoped Their Garden Would Endure The Coming Storm’ has been chosen as finalists for the Paddington Art Prize 2019.

Join us for a conversation with award-winning artist Robert Ewing

Exhibition Details

Schedule Details

Opening: Friday 4th October 2019

Exhibition: 4th – 30th October 2019

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 11-5pm

Saturday 11-3.30pm


Free to enter

Venue Details

Venue: 541 Art Space

Address: Level 1, 541 Kent Street, Sydney