541 Art Space


541 Art Space is a contemporary art gallery situated in the centre of Sydney’s thriving CBD. The gallery’s vision is to provide a uniquely global platform of arts and culture that is easily accessible to the Australian public, aiming to promote cultural and artistic discourse between Australian and International artists in hopes of fostering diverse ideas and multicultural relations.

The gallery works to support established and emerging artists exploring all types of media, with an appreciation for leading contemporary works that challenge traditional artistic standards. 541 Art Space encourages collaboration and supports arts organisations within the city of Sydney through joint ventures and partnerships.

Equipped with a modular design and a generous display area, the space can be customised to suit an endless variety of artistic requirements for events, presentations and exhibitions. Located on Level 1 of 541 Kent Street, Sydney, 541 Art Space is only a 5 minute walk away from Town Hall, Chinatown, and more.

541 Art Space was founded in 2015 by Nan Hai Culture & Media (Australia). Nan Hai is the largest Chinese media company in Sydney, and is known for it’s publications some of which include Chinese-Australia Vogue, CITYWEEKLY and CITYWALKER.

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